Taylor Swift Reading

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Taylor Swift Reading

Xandra the Witch

A written psychic reading, with Taylor Swift songs.

💗 xandra the witch


Can I ask specific question or request a certain type of reading?

Yes - indicate in the notes at checkout.

Can I buy a reading for a friend?

Yes - as long as you have permission from you friend for me to read into their energy. At checkout, please indicate who the reading is for, and confirm that you have their consent.

How long do readings take?

Up to 3 weeks

"Xandra's Taylor Swift reading brought tears to my eyes faster than the opening notes to Love Story. The reading I received was as enchanting, intelligent, and poetic as Taylor herself and is something I will keep forever. I also learned so much about my selected song that I didn't know before as a bonus!" - Kaytra

"Getting a Taylor Swift reading from Xandra felt exactly like listening to the opening bars to ‘Welcome To New York’ for the first time — grand, exciting, revelatory, but also with all the intimacy of a deep chat with the friend that knows you best. Xandra’s knowledge of Taylor’s back catalogue and career is truly peerless, and she employs this knowledge in the pursuit of bringing fun and magic to the questions that guide our lives. I’ll always treasure the reading she did for me, and all the thought, care, and deep reading Xandra brought to the experience." - Deborah

So spot on I can’t even stand it.” - Erika

"I’m more than a little speech-less. This is 100% spot on. All the pieces falling right into place is exactly what I’m hoping for at the moment. And the lipstick on is also very accurate. Training myself to wear lipstick every day. There’s lots of little truths hidden in the lyrics relating to my year 2021 and the overall vibe is an absolute match for me right now. Reading your words even had me tear up a little (the good way) cause right now I am definitely in a fog and it’s good to be shown the other side as a preview. Call me convinced of your swiftie-magic! Thank you very much. This is my anthem for the rest of the year." - Mari

"Thank you for such a wonderful reading! It's amazing how a song can inspire such a deep message. Your message is spot-on. I will print it and tape it into my self-care planner for further reflection." - Margaret

I want this!